The Expert Photographer
That Lives In Your Pocket
PhotoCaddy is a mobile application that will help you to become more confident and more successful with your camera. It contains a wide variety of subjects, each with a range of tips and suggestions, starting points for camera settings, and the ability to make your own notes. PhotoCaddy also allows you to view and share tips with photographers all around the world. Whether you are serious about photography, or just want to improve your travel album, PhotoCaddy is a handy reference for all skill levels.
Available for iPhone & iPod Touch, iPad, OS X, Android and Windows Phone 7.

Best Photography App 2010 Second Place Best Photography App 2009 Nominee

PhotoCaddy contains material for more than 50 different subjects. Content includes common topics such as portraits and flowers, all the way to the more unusual, like castles or rainbows.

Each topic contains a sample photograph for inspiration, tips & suggestions, suggested camera settings, an area to make your own notes, and shared user tips.

The Tips & Suggestions for each topic have been written specifically with that topic in mind. They cover when the best times to take photos are, what sort of camera settings and equipment to use, and how to take some unusual and interesting shots.

The Typical Settings area provides a quick starting point for your chosen topic. This screen shows the settings that you mght use to take some photos of Stars.

Keep all your photography notes in one place, with easy access when you are out in the field. Each individual topic has a notes area for straightforward organization.

With over 1000 shared user tips, this is arguably the most useful area of the application. Users can vote on the tips they find to be the most useful, so that the really good material finds it's way to the top.

For users who are new to photography, PhotoCaddy also contains an Essentials section. This has introductory articles on all the items a beginning photographer might like to read about, which also serves as a good reminder for more seasoned photographers.